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We’re making blockchain infrastructure simple, fair, and available to everyone. You pay only for the services you need and use. No long-term contracts or complex licensing.

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Shared Node
Essential infrastructure to get started building.
per query
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14 Day / 2.6M API query trial* No credit card required
Includes all core DEPLOY features:
CLI Available
Marketplace Access
API event logging
Owned Node
Customizable infrastructure for blockchain businesses.
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Every DEPLOY owned node comes with unlimited queries!

Includes all Shared Node features plus:
Unlimited API queries
Managed hosting
SSH access
High volume and custom blockchain infrastructure.
For enterprise companies looking to spin up a large quantity of nodes or custom blockchain infrastructure solutions. Contact us for pricing >

* Get started today with a free trial of a shared node. You’ll receive 14 days of access or 2.6M calls for free, once one of those thresholds is hit you’ll need to enter payment information to continue using DEPLOY.
**Estimation only. Actual price will depend on usage.

DEPLOY core product features
Bitcoin or Ethereum Nodes
Team Permissioning
Choice of Network Clients
API Event Logging
Mainnet and Testnet Access
Advanced Account Security
Marketplace Access
CLI Available
Owned node features
Unlimited API Calls
Managed Hosting
SSH Access
Node Health Dashboard

"Ensuring consistent access to multiple Ethereum networks for development and production has been an important and daunting task for us. We have gone through manually managing clusters, and other remote providers. DEPLOY provides, by far, the best and most customizable experience for us to manage Ethereum infrastructure without having to worry about network configuration, software updates, or other DevOps concerns, allowing us to focus on building and shipping our software systems."

Henry Harder
CTO of Paradigm Labs

"Esplora-electrs lets you add the same powerful indexing capabilities that powers Blockstream Explorer to your app. DEPLOY makes spinning up nodes with Esplora-electrs already installed as easy as clicking a few buttons. For developers, it's now even easier to get started retrieving the data you need from the Bitcoin blockchain."

Samson Mow
CSO of Blockstream
Pricing FAQs
Am I locked into a contract?

No. We feel that users should be able to come and go as they please. Whether that’s for Shared or Owned nodes, there’s no long-term contacts and you will only be charged based on your usage at the end of the month.

Can I change my mind if I deploy an Owned Node and decide to delete it before the end of the month?

Yes. We will prorate your bill by the number of hours you had access to an Owned Node in any given month.

How does the Free Trial work?

Users can test out DEPLOY with a Free Trial of Shared Nodes. You can test out Shared Nodes for free for 14 days or up to 2,628,000 queries, whichever occurs first.

What are the rate-limits on Shared Nodes?

Shared Nodes are limited to 20 requests per second. If you exceed 20 requests per second you will receive a 429 error.

Are WebSockets supported?

Yes, WebSockets are available on all Owned and Shared Nodes with clients that support WebSocket connections.

How does DEPLOY billing work?

It’s simple you only pay for what you use. Whether you have an Owned or Shared Node you will be charged for your usage the following month. Owned nodes are charged per hour and Shared are charged per query.

What happens at the end of the Free Trial?

Upon reaching the Free Trial threshold of 14 days, or up to 2,628,000 queries you will receive a notification to enter billing information. Your access to the Shared Nodes will be diasbled until you enter a valid payment method.

What are my payment options?

Currently we accept payment online through all major credit cards.