Spin up and manage blockchain infrastructure.

DEPLOY is the NodeOps platform that offers off-the-shelf reliability, scalability, and customization of blockchain infrastructure.

Spin Up a Node

Worry less and save money by hiring us instead of more DevOps

Node Dashboard

Check on your node health to make sure it’s running, synced, and get critical information on your setup and block height.

API Event Log

Keep tabs on your node activity with key metrics such as total queries and invalid requests in addition to full event logging.


With Owned nodes you can use SSH to securely gain shell access to install and manage software.


Ship faster. Get started quickly and scale easily so you can be growing instead of building and managing infrastructure.

Usage-based Pricing

Pay only for the services you need and for what you use. No long-term contracts or complex licensing.

Owned Nodes

Server-level access lets you control your node completely to add whatever you need. And with Unlimited API calls you scale your usage.

More Networks

Scaling your product beyond a single chain utility is simple, just spin up a node on another blockchain to open new opportunities.


Adding middleware such as data indexers and querying tools enables you to scale to large data access needs.


Do more. With unparalleled access to your node you can easily add whatever functionality you need.

Choice of Network

Spin up and manage nodes to operate on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. More coming soon.

Choice of Network Client

Choose from Bitcoin Core or BTCD clients with Bitcoin nodes, and Parity or Geth clients with Ethereum nodes.


With the DEPLOY Marketplace you can add the middleware to your infrastructure stack in a few clicks. More coming soon.

Shared & Owned Nodes

Shared Nodes allow you to access the blockchain at a lower cost with limited control, while Owned Nodes provide full control.

Testnet & Mainnet

Select from creating a node on the Testnet to play around with fake data or the Mainnet to use real information and money.

Developer-Level Access

DEPLOY is built by developers, for developers. Manage your applications easily with API and CLI access. Improve security with SSH.

Seamlessly access your nodes and middleware through our REST, JSON RPC, or Websocket interfaces.
Manage and access your nodes through the command-line interface and never leave your IDE.
Securely gain shell access to your nodes with SSH to install and manage software.

"Ensuring consistent access to multiple Ethereum networks for development and production has been an important and daunting task for us. We have gone through manually managing clusters, and other remote providers. DEPLOY provides, by far, the best and most customizable experience for us to manage Ethereum infrastructure without having to worry about network configuration, software updates, or other DevOps concerns, allowing us to focus on building and shipping our software systems."

Henry Harder
CTO of Paradigm Labs

"Esplora-electrs lets you add the same powerful indexing capabilities that powers Blockstream Explorer to your app. DEPLOY makes spinning up nodes with Esplora-electrs already installed as easy as clicking a few buttons. For developers, it's now even easier to get started retrieving the data you need from the Bitcoin blockchain."

Samson Mow
CSO of Blockstream